Pre production pass

We tracked the drums fro 3 tracks. Most of the setup stayed the same but some tracks have focus on toms some other on hihat patterns. We are doing some quick experiments trying to keep the number of miss low but we already used 8 in total. The first track pre production is almost done with all the parts. The number of stems is pretty big and a lot of work to do on sound shaping there. A first release will be on the 1st of July and the band is  looking at to raise some fund for the project.

The Apollo interface is behaving really good so far and I have to say that LA610 Mk II is doing a great job in the vocals. The mic we are using for the vocal takes is a sE 2200T. To help the dynamics of the singer we are riding the peak reduction and the level knobs on the file while recording. Apollo add the usual Studer 800 tape 250 at 15 IPS.

Before next tracking session I will work on some IR from their amps.

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And we start from drums

And we start with the drums. All microphones are dynamic but the ones for the overhead. That section will be done in M/S and thanks to the Apollo interface I can get it decoded on the fly. We start creating our pre production project in Logic with the layout of the track and it’s tempo and key changes. A little piano will be used as reference while the singer and the drummer will perform live.

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Producing This Boy

We are about officially start the production of the first album for This Boy. I worked on one of their track before and I found their evolution in the past few months quite interesting. The dynamics are growing and the attention to details is pretty high!

I will keep this project updated on the web with mostly technical point of views about their full production. I leave to Rory the task to explain their artistic conception.

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Let it be multi

This is about multi band processors. So far I found iZotope software to be really close the the workflow I am looking for. I love to use multi band dynamics instead of EQ to blend kick and Tom with the bass guitar without choking all of it. Continue reading

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Adding a little tape ..

After a good saturday at ACM I am still thinking about the boiling frog issue Clive was talking about. I have my personal idea about the digital vs. analog dilemma : it doesn’t exist!

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