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04 Jul

Adding a little tape ..

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After a good saturday at ACM I am still thinking about the boiling frog issue Clive was talking about. I have my personal idea about the digital vs. analog dilemma : it doesn’t exist!

I like to use mostly software (not even electronic) solution because it suits my workflow and time better. I can do a lot of tests, swaps and try out different solutions without the need of a massive studio a quite a lot of time, gear and money. I am not here to say that a software Studer A800 is exactly as the real thing, nothing like that at all. I just say that I like how the Studer A800 software sounds, I like the IK Multimedia version of the 1176, I love the control room cabinet of Guitar Rig. I like them for what they are and not for what they should be. I found that analog mastering is really worth the time and the money compared to software things but …. then no mp3 and AAC things in an iPod! After such an effort the result should be played on decent CD or vinyl with a good enough HiFi system (real thing here, not the one you grab at Curry’s or Fry’s.

Unfortunately I do not have the space to fit something so good, but really looking forward to it. Good productions are meaningless without a great mean to play that music!!

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