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01 May

And we start from drums

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And we start with the drums. All microphones are dynamic but the ones for the overhead. That section will be done in M/S and thanks to the Apollo interface I can get it decoded on the fly. We start creating our pre production project in Logic with the layout of the track and it’s tempo and key changes. A little piano will be used as reference while the singer and the drummer will perform live.

To have the tempo change already in place will help to edit and align to the grid the drums parts.
To make it a little more organised the sum parts are in their own folder track. To be honest I am not big big fan of those massive sessions that DJ blokes put in place in their daw, I find it a lot distracting when progressing with the mix.


The session was pretty dense with 8 miss on the kit, the sound is amazing, really wide and the band seems to be happy. We managed to put in some reference ideas with guitars and vocals. I really waiting for some picture from the band. The Apollo behaved really good, all channel strip where 1176 -> Neve 88RS -> Studer, The vocals were using a little reverb on aux1 and the over heads were joined and feed through the BX digital v2 for M/S decoding (so logic actually recorded L/R signal).

Really happy of the gear behaved, now time to go to bed, tomorrow is time for guitars.

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