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28 Jul

Let it be multi

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This is about multi band processors. So far I found iZotope software to be really close the the workflow I am looking for. I love to use multi band dynamics instead of EQ to blend kick and Tom with the bass guitar without choking all of it. The fact that I can also decide what side chain to use (external or internal) for each band is impressive. Alloy is very flexible on a strip or sub mix but 90% of the times I am just using the compressor/gate section keeping EQ, exciter, de-esser, and limiter completely off. Just not a big fan of the all in one solution.
While I do understand that in that design the signal routing can be optimised I’d like the option to just get the bits and prices I need or want.

Enough complaining let’s get back on the point : multi band processing!

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