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28 Apr

Producing This Boy

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We are about officially start the production of the first album for This Boy. I worked on one of their track before and I found their evolution in the past few months quite interesting. The dynamics are growing and the attention to details is pretty high!

I will keep this project updated on the web with mostly technical point of views about their full production. I leave to Rory the task to explain their artistic conception.

For the next week a pre-production run for the drum is on the menu. I will track the full project with UAD Apollo and Focusrtie OctoPre MkII. The OctoPre will be focused on the drum recording while the Apollo will take care of a first commitment to some processing.

This is the Rack we are going to use to track the drums. The channel strip I have in mind on the Apollo is:

  1. 1176
  2. Neve 88RS
  3. Studer800

probably the starting point is going to be a setup based on tape formula 250 and 15 IPS since I really like the sound of low-speed. We will be experimenting few mics so that we are all set for the frist production take on 12/05/2012. The first track we are going to work on is Bring you down, there is a nice video if you want to get an idea.

The other thing is that to do mobile recording … I am going to use Reaper. For the production bit I will move back into Logic, my comfort zone. Reaper has been proving itself pretty good. Low memory and CPU footprint.

The LA 610 in the picture is for Rory, the singer. I am planning to use tube microphone with him and a phrase based approach while tracking, this should keep all the performance consistent and focused. Come back for more updates.!

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